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Out of Hours Security Services

AGS offer a secure Key Holding service for our clients. More and more companies are seeing the benefit of security company acting as the first point keyholder.




Protects your staff | AGS Mobile SIA guards are already on patrol in the area | Faster response to alarm activations preventing significant damage | Guards trained in break-away techniques | Direct Liaison With Police | Cost-Effective

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Key Holding

Alarm Response

Lock & Unlock

In association with the Key Holding Service, our patrol guards will act as follows upon an alarm activation:


> 24 Hour Call Centre will activate guard

> Guard attends site

> Full External Check Completed

> Check for damage or forced entry

> Identify the source of the alarm

> If no security breach guard will reset alarm and secure site

> Trespassers confronted and identified

> Full Police Liaison

> ALL visits are reported by 10am

In association with the Key Holding Service, AGS offer the opportunity to utilise the experience and training of our SIA licensed guards to lock & unlock your location every day, 7 days a week if required.


Premises locked and unlocked at times dictated to by you, the client | Remove the threat of harm from your current keyholder | Guards secure windows and doors and turn off equipment | Prevent loss of keys by preventing staff having to take them home | Reduce time delays due to Keyholder issues/sickness

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