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Manned Guarding - Retail (Loss Prevention Specialists)

Loss Prevention Specialists and Retail Security Guards are becoming more of a requirement in recent years with the increase in petty crime. As purses are tightened, those who have limited money to spend on esentials such as food and toiletries, are turning to crime to 'fill the cupboards'. From a business persepective, this is not only damaging to your finances but also your reputations.


AGS guards are professional and smart personnel - some with very specific store loss prevention skills. Whether a large mall or a small independent clothes shop, we are able to provide a security solution that will reduce, if not eliminate your losses. Services include undercover guards/store detectives, CCTV specialists, police liaison specialists all including female specialists - all designed to support your in-store systems/personell.


For a free consultation for your busines and to see how we may improve on your current arrangements, please call 01553 768585 or email [email protected]

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